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Do You Know What A Fixie Is?

March 23, 2015 admin01 0

It seems everywhere I look these days I see these fantastically colored bikes that are not quite a mountain bike or a street bike or a cruiser bike, but are some kind of beautiful hybrid. I’m talking about a type of bike that has exploded in popularity and has so many [more…]

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Spring Break Float On: Review Of Flotation Fun

March 12, 2015 admin01 0

Well it’s that time of the year again, when thousands of #SpringBreakers start heading to tropical shores with trim bikini bodies, party attitudes and the desire to cook themselves in the baking sun. So we are here to provide you with some helpful reviews of some essential Flotation Fun. (note: [more…]

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41 Genius Camping Hacks You Must Try

April 19, 2014 admin01 0

1. Make pizza in your pie iron with biscuit dough. Get the complete recipe here. You can also just use sliced bread and a little butter. 2. Line your pie iron with foil for easy clean up. You can go from grilled cheese to apple pie pocket with practically no clean up. 3. Wrapping your [more…]

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20 Ultimate Camping Spots Before You Die

July 20, 2013 admin01 0

Image by Joshua Bury / Getty Images 1. Arches National Park, Utah Source: Source: Home of over 2000 natural sandstone arches and a plethora of wildlife including the peregrine falcon and technicolored lizards. Get all the information you need about going camping at Devils Garden Campground here. 2. Miyajima, Japan Miyajima is an island just [more…]

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A Hiker’s Wishlist

December 8, 2012 admin01 0

When you have worn out your shoes, the strength of the shoe leather has passed into the fiber of your body. I measure your health by the number of shoes and hats and clothes you have worn out.   ~Ralph Waldo Emerson    

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Whose Ready For Some Action?

October 7, 2012 admin01 0

  If you are the avid sportsman, or just a weekend warrior then you need to check out these cool items. Click Here or picture above to see & learn more.

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October 15, 2011 admin01 0


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