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Why the pro-macro beer Budweiser ad is so dangerous

February 2, 2015 admin01 0

Wow! Budweiser has stirred up some unfavorable buzz in the Craft Beer world. It’s funny that they are mocking craft beer drinkers, when they themselves are secretly buying them up in bulk to tap into this growing market. The article below from The Beer Babe sums up some good points… On the [more…]


Google Buys New Robots Which Run Faster Than Humans

June 6, 2014 admin01 0

THEY run faster than people and are agile over rough surfaces and terrains that are challenging for most human beings.   Wildcat is the latest mobile robot acquired by Google to join BigDog, Cheetah and Atlas. The internet giant has bought the machines in an acquisition of US company, Boston [more…]

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10 Alternative Bombs Obama Could Drop

September 5, 2013 admin01 0

With all of the negative news regarding Syria and Obama’s “to bomb, or not to bomb” state of mind, we came up with some alternative bombs that could be dropped instead of real ones… 1. The Miley Bomb We can twerk it out   2. The LBGT Rainbow Bomb Taste [more…]

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August 22, 2013 admin01 0

  Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies

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30 Things We Learned About Kate Upton In 2012

December 26, 2012 admin01 0

She’s much more than just a swimsuit model. 1. She can ride a horse. Source: jpmoore 2. She can roll around on a raft. Source: jpmoore 3. She loves goats. Source: hillaryreinsberg 4. And starfish. Source: tommywes 5. The Italians love her. Source: 6. She looks good in a little blue hat. Source: 7. Sometimes she wears one-pieces. Source: 8. She’s not [more…]

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Deliciously Hypnotic

September 17, 2012 admin01 0

  via Infused Spice.

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