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Put Your Money Where Your Bacon Is

July 8, 2013 admin01 0

For the ultimate Bacon lover! The Bacon wallet sizzles! Put some hip into your hip pocket with an awesome Bacon Wallet! Cool and Sleek, yet meaty and understated. [click any image] for details   

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What’s For Lunch? Brains…

May 2, 2013 admin01 0

So, it is totally apparent the everyone is Zombie crazy these days. And by the ratings success of TV shows like The Walking Dead  it’s here to stay, at least until the series ends. Here are some stylish ways to carry your next Zombie lunch:     See More:     Great [more…]

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It’s An Urban Jungle Out There – Carry Your Stuff In Style

March 18, 2013 admin01 0

 Conquer all your daily activities with these cool bags:   Urban Elite 15″-17″ Laptop Backpack   __________________________________________________________________ $289    Buy     See More   __________________________________________________________________       Sport Elite Laptop Backpack     __________________________________________________________________ $269    Buy     See More   __________________________________________________________________       Sport Tablet Backpack   __________________________________________________________________ $110    Buy     See More   __________________________________________________________________

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The Perfect Beer Glasses For The Hip Craft Beer Drinker

March 4, 2013 admin01 0

  This Connoisseur’s set of four beer glasses from Spiegelau feature a unique platinum finishing process to increase durability and add brilliant shine. The thin, laser cut and polished rims maximize your drinking pleasure. These lead-free crystal glasses are great for any occasion and will have you and your guests [more…]

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Have You Played KEN?

February 18, 2013 admin01 0

The simple yet extremely fun Japanese ball and cup toy game  called Kendama that is sweeping the pre-teen scene. These toys are usually made of solid wood with a string, and are extremely fun but can be challenging for those that lack good hand eye coordination.           [more…]

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Hammerhead Pro X Snow Sled

January 30, 2013 admin01 0

Hammerhead Pro X Snow Sled Innovative sled with ergonomically designed, lightweight aluminum chassis.     Comfortable mesh seating absorbs the ride; responsive steering system Interchangeable skis let you accommodate current snow conditions Supports such accessories as lights, mirrors, backrest, cargo net, and more…   So cool it’s fun! Hammerhead Pro X [more…]

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Canudle – The Largest Pool Noodle that holds a Can!

January 24, 2013 admin01 0

With Spring Break and Summer just around the corner, and fun filled water activities to enjoy, who wouldn’t want one these great flotation devices. A CanUdle. What is a CanUdle? A canUdle is a fantastic, fun-nifty, fun, necessity, floatable, unique pool noodle that holds your beverage and keeps your hands free [more…]

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Straight Up Swag T-Shirts

January 8, 2013 admin01 0

There is something to be said about the statement YOUR t-shirt makes. It’s like a window into your mind. It also can turn heads and get you more attention. So go ahead and let your freak flag fly! Here are some of our newest favorites:   Marilyn Monroe With Tattoos [more…]

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12 Days of Christmas (Prepper Style)

December 11, 2012 admin01 0

  On the twelfth day of Christmas,  my true love sent to me Twelve M.R.E.s, Eleven Respirator Masks, Ten Fire Starters, Nine Emergency Blankets, Eight Body Warmers, Seven Water Filtration Bottles, Six Lights a-Flashing, Five Blades of Steel, Four Satellite Phones, Three Bug-Out Bags, Two pair of Gloves, And a [more…]

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A Hiker’s Wishlist

December 8, 2012 admin01 0

When you have worn out your shoes, the strength of the shoe leather has passed into the fiber of your body. I measure your health by the number of shoes and hats and clothes you have worn out.   ~Ralph Waldo Emerson    

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Add This To Your Library

December 6, 2012 admin01 0

How to Stay Alive in the Woods by Bradford Angier. Angier and his wife Vena left Boston in the late 1940s to homestead in northeastern British Columbia.  With tenacity and luck they repaired an old cabin and taught themselves to hunt and forage wild plants, eventually writing numerous books on the [more…]

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Redneck Pleasure Swing – Camo

December 4, 2012 admin01 0

  SaaaaaWingggg!!! Redneck Pleasure Swing in Camo! You and your dosey doe can experience hundreds of wild positions with this fun swing! Supports up to 450 lbs. ( for those that capture big game ) Easy to install, Fun to play. More – Pleasure Swing – Camo 

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These Christmas Cookies Have Been Bad. Very, Very Bad

December 3, 2012 admin01 0

“Mommy, what are those cookies doing?”“Well, honey, they’re play-fighting, maybe pretend-wrestling, and rolling around, having a good time, that’s all. They’re getting in the holiday spirit!““Have they been good? Will Santa bring them lots of presents?”“No, honey, it looks like they’ve been bad. Very, very bad.”In addition to the four patterns [more…]

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Ice Cream sandwich iPhone 4 and 4s Case

November 18, 2012 admin01 0

Awesomely delicious Ice Cream Sandwich iPhone case… Who wouldn’t love this!   Ice Cream sandwich Iphone 4 and 4s Case White silicon Rubber: Cell Phones & Accessories.   It looks so good you might be tempted to put it in your mouth!

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Whose Ready For Some Action?

October 7, 2012 admin01 0

  If you are the avid sportsman, or just a weekend warrior then you need to check out these cool items. Click Here or picture above to see & learn more.

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Opened With Style

September 28, 2012 admin01 0

Anyone can open a bottle of their favorite beverage with an ordinary bottle opener. Why not do it with some quirky style? You know you have some style in you. Wobble Bobble Bottle Opener   Bear Bottle Opener   Butterfly Bottle Opener   Star Trek: USS Enterprise Bottle Opener   [more…]

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Bake Me A Cake As Fast As You Can

September 24, 2012 admin01 0

How fabulous would it be to make one of these cakes and give it to your favorite person, just because!   Darth Vader Baking Pan / Cake   Star Wars R2D2 Cake Pan   1983 Star Wars Boba Fett Cake Pan    C-3PO Star Wars Cake Pan 

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