19 Awesome Items To Make Things Easier

It’s amazing the ingenuity of inventors, who manage to invent clever gadgets to make everyday tasks a lot easier.

(And, they make excellent gifts)

1. Melon Baller with Fruit Scoops and Avocado Slicer and Pitter Set


2. Portable USB Humidifier – home, office, travel


3. Self-Draining Dishrack


4. Height-adjustable laptop stand for MacBook


5. Wine Stoppers – Beer Bottle Caps – Reusable Silicone Bottle Caps


6. Strong Magnetic Man Key Holders


7. Automatic Handsfree Liquid Soap Dispenser


8. Chop 2 Pot Plus Folding Chopping Board


9. Groomer Broom Cleaning Dustpan

10. Fiesta Taco Holder Plates – Taco Tuesday approved!

11. Onion Goggles – Tear Resistant Airtight Professional Grade

12. Soooku Barista Household Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso Stainless Steel Art Pen 

13. SLUSH MUGS Frozen Beverage Slushie Cups


14. Auto-Measure Spice Carousel


15. Remote Control Mop


16. Wireless LED Key, Wallet, Lost Items Finder, Locator, Tracker

17. Ice Tubes for Bottled Drinks


18. Awesome all in one Cake and Pastry Server


19. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Seriously, now that you’ve seen these gadgets, don’t you deserve them!

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