14 Ways To Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

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You don’t have a key ring opener? It’s okay. Turn Up has assembled fourteen other ways to open a non-twist off beer bottle. .

(1) Keys: Hold your beer bottle with your non-dominant hand. Place your key under one of the ridges of the cap, and force out the ridge. Repeat this a couple more times, until there is a large-enough gap to wedge in the tip of the key. Push upward to force the cap off. If you open enough ridges, you could even try opening the cap with your fingers!

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(2)    Another beer bottle: Turn Up advises resorting to this method before you start drinking, because it’s a bit more advanced. You need to place the second beer bottle’s cap under the wedges of the first bottle you’re trying to open. Jerk the first bottle down hard, and the cap should pop off.


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(3)    Beer bottle cap: Same concept as with another beer bottle. However, you need a bit more dexterity from your non-dominant hand to keep the second cap in place.

(4)    Piece of paper: The concept is simple. Fold the paper repeatedly in half until you can no longer fold it further. Wedge one of the now-solid paper edges under a cap ridge, and yank off the cap.


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(5)    DVD case or book: Same concept as with a piece of paper. Just make sure it’s a DVD case or book you don’t mind ruining.

(6)    Ring: Fit an edge of a ring tightly over the bottle cap. Push hard on the other edge of the ring, and the cap will eventually pop off. You can also purchase specially-made rings just for opening bottle caps.

(7)    Belt buckle: Just as with a ring, including the part where you put your accessory back on.

(8)    Plastic lighter: Holding the neck of the beer bottle with your non-dominant hand. Choke up your grip until there’s a gap between the cap and your index finger that is just barely enough to fit the bottom of a plastic lighter. Trapping the lighter in the gap between your index finger and the bottle cap, squeeze very hard on the beer bottle. Then, push down on the front/metal end of the lighter. That’s it!

(9)     Knife: For safety reasons, refrain from using anything sharper than a butter knife. Loosen the cap from the bottle by digging the tip of the knife into each of the ridges, and pulling them out. Then, with the knife tip still under the now-loosened-cap, bang the handle of the knife against a tabletop or similar hard surface.

(10)     Countertop: Same as with knife method. Just screw a hard pointy object under one of the cap ridges, and try knocking the beer cap off from the bottle.

(11)     Curb: Same as countertop.

(12)     Chain-linked fence: Find one of the end poles. These poles have angled rings on them. Use the angled rings by angling the bottle with the rim of the cap on the rim’s lip. If you’re doing it right, the neck of the beer bottle is resting against the outside of the same ring. Now, strike downwards on the beer bottle with your palm. Enjoy!

(13)     Seatbelt: Come on—you shouldn’t have an open bottle in your vehicle! Figure this one out at your own risk.

(14)    Buy a fucking twist-off beer next time!

Any one of the above methods may work. However you choose to open your beer bottle, remember to know your limits before you get turnt tonight!

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